Intermediate Digital Illustration

Intermediate Digital Illustration
Intermediate problems in digital media.
 Hours3.0 Credit, 6.0 Lecture, 0.0 Lab
 PrerequisitesDESIL 210
 ProgramsContaining DESIL 310
Course Outcomes

Illustration Process

Students will be able to utilize effective processes for developing studies and digital illustrations and demonstrate creative solutions for visual problems.

Digital Media Workflow

Students will be able to create original illustrations using digital painting methods and techniques of professional 2D graphics software.

Design Theory and Practice

Students will be able to synthesize and apply design principles including drawing, value, composition, color, and texture, and perspective.

Professional Application

Students will have a greater understanding of professional practices, market applications, and careers in digital illustration.

Ethics of Digital Imagery

Students will be able to discuss and analyze the legal, ethical, and spiritual aspects of illustration in digital media and culture.