Keyboard in Ensemble

Keyboard in Ensemble
Accompanying and ensemble performance.
 Hours1.0 Credit, 0.0 Lecture, 3.0 Lab
 PrerequisitesMusic 260R or instructor's consent.
 TaughtFall, Winter, Spring
 ProgramsContaining MUSIC 344R
Course Outcomes

Ensemble Playing

Skills to Develop in 344r:

1. Understand how to best balance their playing with another instrument and comprehend how that balance evolves to meet the needs of different instruments.

2. Understand how to communicate musical ideas through body language.

3. Develop musical "ESP". This is achieved when a pianist works with the same person over a long period of time, and develops better sensitivity. The pianist and soloist can sense changes in tempi, phrasing, and dynamics through concentrated listening, needing almost no visual contact.

4. Understand the subtext of the score.

5. Develop a genuine appreciation for the art of the accompanist.