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Department of Theatre and Media Arts
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Admission to Degree Program

Several degree programs in the Department of Theatre and Media Arts have a departmental application process with enrollment limitations. Theatre arts studies major and minor programs have declaration procedures but are open enrollment. Please see the college advisement center for specific details (1-801-422-3777).

The Discipline

BYU's theatre programs—Theatre Arts Studies, Theatre Arts Education, and Acting—invite students to explore the possibilities theatre provides for collaboration, citizenship, service, and faith-promotion. The programs emphasize the balance between practical theatre training and critical thinking. They provide extensive opportunities for production in classroom settings, workshops, and fully-mounted productions both at BYU and at external venues.

The BYU media arts program is designed to educate students on a foundation of film history, theory, and criticism, along with fundamental production competencies. Possible areas of emphasis include critical studies, fiction production and non-fiction production.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Department of Theatre and Media Arts is to promote literacy, creativity and spirituality by exploring their interrelatedness in the arts of theatre and media, in an effort to illuminate and confirm truth and the infinite potential of the human soul.

Career Opportunities

The theatre program provides training and experience in all areas of theatre, from performing to playwriting, from teaching to technical production.

The media arts program provides a foundation and basic experience in analyzing, conceptualizing, writing, directing, and collaboratively producing nonfiction, fiction, and new media. For skill development and specialization, students may select an area of study from the following: critical studies, fiction production, or non-fiction production.

For an area of interest study list, contact the advisement center or the department office.

    General Information

    1. The media arts studies major (or minor) is a limited enrollment program. Students are required to fulfill the pre-major requirement of TMA 102. See the media arts program description for details. Application must be made for entrance into the program.
    2. The theatre arts studies major (or minor) is an open enrollment program. Students interested in general theatre studies, dramaturgy, playwriting, directing, stage management, critical studies, or design and technology (costume, lighting, makeup, scenic, or sound), should declare the theatre arts studies major (or minor), using the theatre arts studies declaration form. See program description for details on declaring this major.
    3. Students interested in the theatre arts education major should also declare a pre-theatre arts education major using the theatre arts education pre-major declaration form. Declaring the pre-major doesn't guarantee entrance into the theatre arts education program. Students must fulfill particular requirements. See program description for details.
    4. Students interested in BFA acting (unless they have already been accepted into the program) should declare the acting pre-major, using the acting pre-major declaration form. Declaring the pre-major doesn't guarantee entrance into the BFA program. The BFA acting program is a limited enrollment program, and students must fulfill particular requirements. See program description for details.
    5. The animation and music dance theatre (MDT) limited enrollment programs are administered out of other departments. Students interested in animation will need to contact the Design Department. Students interested in MDT need to declare a pre-music major.
    6. Students who are majors, minors, or pre-majors of TMA affiliated programs are eligible to receive a TMA discount card that enables them to attend theatre season performances at a reduced price. TMA discount cards are available at the front desk of the TMA Office in D-581 HFAC.

    Graduation Requirements

    To receive a BYU bachelor's degree a student must complete, in addition to all requirements for a specific major, the following university requirements:

    • The University Core, consisting of requirements in general and religious education. (For a complete listing of courses that meet university core requirements, see here.)
    • At least 30 credit hours must be earned in residence on the BYU campus in Provo as an admitted day student
    • A minimum of 120 credit hours
    • A cumulative GPA of at least 2.0
    • Be in good standing with the Honor Code Office

    Students should see their college advisement center for help or information concerning the undergraduate programs.

    Graduate Programs Available

    This department also offers graduate degree programs. For more information, see Graduate Studies.