Arabic Language

Arabic Language
Hours35 - 51 Credit Hours
MAPMajor Academic Plan

Program Requirements

This program is a 2nd-major program only. Students should be enrolled in a primary major program before beginning this program.
requirement 3 Complete 5 courses
Complete as part of a BYU Semester Abroad program:
requirement 4 Complete 2 courses
Complete after consultation with a faculty advisor:
requirement 5 Complete 4 courses
Take each course twice (once in Winter Semester and once in Spring/Summer terms):
Take the ACTFL Speaking and Reading test during the last registration of Arab 495R and achieve a minimum score of ADVANCED-MID.
Program Outcomes

Advanced High Level Fluency

Speak, read, and write Arabic at the Advanced High Level (demonstrating an ability to support opinions, hypothesize, and deal with abstract topics in depth).


Students will develop expertise in an area of specialization and deliver a major oral presentation and a written paper (both in Arabic) on a topic in that area of specialization.