Hebrew Media

Hebrew Media
Emphasizes reading, aural comprehension, and speaking Hebrew. Includes newspaper reading, listening to local news on radio and television, and in-class discussion of current events.
 Hours2.0 - 4.0 Credit, Arr Lecture, Arr Lab
 PrerequisitesHEB 101 & HEB 102
 NoteHeb 312 (Hebrew Media), Heb 313, Heb 411R (Advanced Conversation), and Heb 421 are offered in the intensive modern Hebrew program. Arab 312 (Arabic Media) and 411R (Advanced Conversation) are offered in the intensive modern Arabic program. The intensive Hebrew and Arabic programs are offered alternate years during the winter programs only.
 TaughtContact Department
 ProgramsContaining HEB 312
Course Outcomes

Please contact the individual department for outcome information.