Art History & Curatorial Studies

Art History & Curatorial Studies
Hours52 - 53 Credit Hours
MAPMajor Academic Plan

Program Requirements

requirement 2 Complete 1 course
Ancient art:
requirement 3 Complete 1 course
Medieval art:
requirement 4 Complete 1 course
Renaissance art:
requirement 5 Complete 1 course
Baroque art:
ARTHC 330 - (Not currently offered)
ARTHC 335 - (Not currently offered)
requirement 6 Complete 1 course
Nineteenth-century art:
requirement 8 Complete 1 course
Non-Western art:
JAPAN 345 - (Not currently offered)
requirement 9 Complete 1 option
Language requirement:
requirement 10 Complete 1 option
Complete one of the following tracks:
option 10.1 Complete 2 groups
Academic Track:
group 10.1.1 Complete 3.0 hours from the following course(s)
Complete three hours from one of the following capstone courses:
option 10.2 Complete 4 groups
Professional Track:
group 10.2.1 Complete 1 course
Complete the following capstone course:
group 10.2.2 Complete 1 course
Complete one of the following courses:
group 10.2.3 Complete 2 courses
Complete the following two courses:
Program Outcomes

Art History in the Western World

Students will acquire a solid foundation in the discipline of art history of the Western world.

Research Skills

Students will develop advanced art historical research skills.

Effective Writing

Students will write engaging and sophisticated art historical research papers that demonstrate original thought.

Effective Communication and Presentation

Students will demonstrate their ability to effectively present their ideas through verbal expression.

Cultural and Professional Experience

Students will visit and experience important works of art, as well as the institutions and/or professional venues where art history is practiced.