Danish Literature

Danish Literature
Readings in Danish literature; introduction to basic literary concepts. Includes International Cinema.
 Hours3.0 Credit, 3.0 Lecture, 0.5 Lab
 RecommendedDansh 321 or equivalent experience.
 NoteCulminating course for GE Foreign Language requirement.
 TaughtWinter odd years
 ProgramsContaining DANSH 340
Course Outcomes

Danish Culture

Students should understand key trends and works from Danish culture, recognize connections between these works, and be able to relate them to the development of contemporary Danish culture.

Analytic and Writing Skills

Students should be able to insightfully analyze important literary and artistic works from Danish cultural history and be able to communicate this analysis through articulate written and oral presentations in Danish. Students will also develop basic research skills.

Cultural Literacy

Students should relate the ideas and issues raised by the works we study in class to the students' own cultural moment as well as to their own experience with contemporary Danish culture.

Lifelong learning

Students should better know how to understand, interpret, and thoughtfully reflect upon the literature and art encountered later in life.