Judaism and Christianity in the Classical Near East

Judaism and Christianity in the Classical Near East
Historical and cultural contexts of early Judaism and Christianity; analysis of major Jewish and Christian texts produced in classical Near East; methodological emphasis.
 Hours3.0 Credit, 3.0 Lecture, 0.0 Lab
 ProgramsContaining CL CV 363
Course Outcomes

Classical Influence on the History and Culture of the Ancient Near East

Know and be able to interpret the significant events and developments in the history and cultures of the ancient Near East, in particular of Second Temple Judaism and Early Christianity in their Hellenistic and Roman contexts.

Ancient Text Interpretation

Be able to interpret major ancient Near East texts-including the Bible, Apocrypha, historiography, and early Christian literature-and analyze their significance for understanding the cultures in which they were produced.

Critical Thinking

Develop the capacity for informed, independent, critical thinking and be able to perform appropriate library and online research utilized in the professional study of the ancient Near East.

Analytical Writing

Be able to write sources analyses and exegetical papers that utilize approaches from the Social Sciences and Humanities and that integrate language and interpretive skills to analyze ancient Near Eastern topics

Academics and Faith

Have considered and received affirmation concerning the relationship between academics and faith, and will have been encouraged to engage in a spiritually informed, lifelong pursuit of learning, scholarship, and service.