Pro-Seminar in Classical Studies

Pro-Seminar in Classical Studies
Mechanics of researching and writing analytical papers in classical studies. Sectional and adjunct professors present seminal sub-disciplines and model research methods. Specialized library resources taught in practicum. Tutorials with faculty underpin focused research questions.
 Hours2.0 Credit, 2.0 Lecture, 0.0 Lab
 PrerequisitesGREEK 201; or LATIN 201
 RecommendedLatin 302 or Greek 301.
 ProgramsContaining CLSCS 297
Course Outcomes

Interpretation of Classical Scholarship

Successful students learn how to evaluate specialized scholarship under the direction of departmental faculty and library research specialists, who introduce students to their own research agenda in the process.

Developing and Expressing Original Interpretations of Classical Texts

Successful students will be able to write analytical papers or the equivalent that apply close readings to Classical literary texts to develop and clearly expression original interpretations of these texts.

Strategies in Scholarship

Successful students acquire strategies in how to find, read, comprehend, and write about the most important scholarship in more and less particular sub-disciplines of classical scholarship.

Preparing for the Capstone Essay

Students develop a learning environment with an individual faculty mentor to define and begin to answer a particular research question that will be interesting and answerable in a capstone essay to be written during the senior year (Clscs 497).