Writing and Rhetoric

Writing and Rhetoric
Hours19 Credit Hours

Program Requirements

requirement 3 Complete 9.0 hours from the following course(s)
Complete 9 additional credit hours from the following (courses will not double count between this requirement and that above). Note: Engl 399R must be in a rhetoric- or writing-related profession; Engl 495 may have prerequisites.
Program Outcomes

History, Theory, and Criticism

Students will define, explain, and debate the principles and practices from rhetorical theories throughout history, showing meta-cognitive awareness of the appropriate interpretive and composing processes involved in a rhetorical approach to reading and producing acts of communication.

Composing and Presentational Skills in a Wide Variety of Pub

Students will employ an expanded repertoire of composing and presentational skills to produce effective texts in a wide variety of public and professional genres, using multiple modes of discourse, including print, visual, digital, oral, and other means of communication.

Grammar and Style

Students will use grammatical and stylistic principles to analyze, imitate, and create effective and appropriate discourse in a wide variety of communicative acts.