Hours52 - 87 Credit Hours
MAPMajor Academic Plan

Program Requirements

It is strongly recommended that StDev 317, a 2-credit-hour course, be taken at the end of the sophomore year or the beginning of the junior year. Because liberal arts degrees provide preparation in a variety of useful fields rather than a single career track, this course is recommended to help liberal arts students focus on specific educational and occupational goals and to identify the career options or educational opportunities available to them. The course will introduce them to the resources needed for accessing information about graduate schools, internships, careers, and career development. Students will learn basic employment strategies, including the steps necessary for obtaining employment related to their own specialty.
Important Note for Returned Russian-Speaking Missionaries: (1) Register for third-year Russian classes. Russ 330 is recommended. (2) Russ 202 will be waived as a requirement for Russian majors and should not be taken except when remedial work is necessary and permission is obtained from the section leaders. (3) Credit for Russ 101, 102, 201, and 211 is available through a test given as part of Russ 330. (4) Returned missionaries must complete Russ 330 and talk with the Russian section head before declaring a major.
requirement 1 Complete 4 courses
Preparatory courses (may be waived for students with sufficient proficiency in the language):
Complete a substantial program of study that complements the student's educational and professional goals, i.e., 1) a secondary major or 2) a substantial minor or equivalent program and an internship. A variety of internship opportunities are available on campus, locally, or abroad. This program should be described and justified in a letter to the Russian section leader, and approved by the section, no later than the year before graduation.
Note: In addition to completing other Russian course work, it is expected that majors who have not spent an extended period in Russia will live for at least a semester in the Russian Student Foreign Language Residence and complete the BYU or approved equivalent Study Abroad program in Russia.
Program Outcomes

1. Language Proficiency

Speak, read, write, and comprehend the Russian language in ordinary living situations and professional matters, and understand the main principles of linguistics as they relate to Russian. Students' speaking, reading, and listening proficiency in these areas should approximate the Advanced level on the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) proficiency scale. Writing proficiency should approach the Advanced level on the ACTFL scale.

2. Russian Cultural and Literary History

Identify and demonstrate an understanding of the main periods, figures, and achievements of Russian cultural history, especially in literature.

3. Writing Academic Essays

Produce academic writing and other presentations that are characterized by critical thinking, coherent development, and thoughtful analysis.

4. Lifelong Learning

Articulate how their education as Russian majors, including their study of ethical and aesthetic issues, makes their academic experiences relevant to personal and professional goals.