Second-Year German

Second-Year German
Reading, writing, grammar, culture, listening, and speaking.
 Hours4.0 Credit, 5.0 Lecture, 1.0 Lab
 PrerequisitesC grade or better in Germ 102 or equivalent.
 TaughtFall, Winter, Spring
 ProgramsContaining GERM 201
Course Outcomes


  • Students will be able to converse in German about everyday topics, abstract ideas about familiar topics, personal opinions, simple interpretation of text, and current events. Students will complete presentations in class.


  • Students will be able to demonstrate understanding and mastery of a wide range of grammatical structures and constructions, especially those principles presented in the designated units of the online course materials.


  • Students will demonstrate their ability to read, comprehend and analyze authentic written German, including a level-appropriate longer text such as a filmscript and discover and explore grammar principles and idiomatic language in the texts.


  • Students will demonstrate aural comprehension of authentic spoken German about general or everyday topics, social conversation, as well as literary German with average complexity.


  • Students will demonstrate a level-appropriate knowledge of the culture and traditions of German-speaking countries, including an in-depth understanding of the significant events and issues that shaped German-speaking cultures as presented in the five films selected for this course. Students will be able to discuss, analyze and write intelligently about these events and issues in the German language.


  • Students will be able to demonstrate command of level-appropriate writing, including sophisticated sentences modeled on authentic German sentences. Their writing will incorporate sentences with one or more subordinate clause, as well as accurate use of punctuation and capitalization.


  • Students will demonstrate the ability to incorporate words, phrases, and idiomatic constructions into their own speaking and writing. These new vocabulary items will be drawn from films studied in this course.


  • Students will demonstrate enough pronuncation accuracy that native Germans who are not used to foreign speakers can understand them easily.

Integrated Language Learning

  • Students will be able to demonstrate level-appropriate (Intermediate/Bi or higher) proficiency in all of the 8 basic language modalities: Speaking, Listening, Reading, Writing, Grammar, Vocabulary, Culture, and Pronunciation.