Hours21 Credit Hours

Program Requirements

requirement 2 Complete 3.0 hours from the following course(s)
Program Outcomes

English Language Use and Structure

Analyze the structure and use of the English language to identify appropriate usage and style in specific contexts and assess the effectiveness of traditional usage rules and style guidelines.

Copyediting and Substantive Editing

Optimize clarity and effectiveness of sentences, paragraphs, and longer texts by applying principles of effective usage, style, and organization to real-world examples of draft text.

Specialized Editing

Demonstrate specialized skills and the perspective required by at least one specific editing genre (such as magazine publishing, technical communication, book publishing, scholarly publishing, or freelance publishing.

Publishing Industry and Processes

Use tools and processes that are part of the publishing business, such as software for, methods of, and ethical procedures relating to graphic design, printing technology, and income and expense management, and understand how these tools, methods, and ethical procedures have evolved over the history of publishing.