Portuguese for Spanish Speakers 1

Portuguese for Spanish Speakers 1
Intensive course designed for students fluent in Spanish or another Romance language. No previous knowledge of Portuguese required. Emphasis on development of oral skills, vocaulary, grammar, and understanding of Lusophone cultures.
 Hours4.0 Credit, 4.0 Lecture, 0.0 Lab
 TaughtFall, Winter
Course Outcomes

Participate in conversations

Participate fully in conversations by asking and answering questions about some familiar, concrete topics such as self, family, friends, and daily activities.

Understand spoken Portuguese

Understand conversations and monologues in spoken Brazilian Portuguese on familiar topics.

Read short authentic texts

Read short authentic texts, including informative texts, news articles, and short stories.

Write short texts

Write short texts such as biographical information, correspondence, and personal experiences.

Create with language

Create sentences in the past, present, and future using basic grammar rules and vocabulary with reasonable accuracy.

Explain cultural aspects

Know basic facts about some Portuguese-speaking countries and identify cultural products, practices, and perspectives from these countries.

Differentiate between Spanish and Portuguese

Differentiate between basic Spanish and Portuguese grammar, vocabulary, and spelling conventions.