Problems in Spanish Grammar

Problems in Spanish Grammar
Application of contemporary grammatical concepts to problems in Spanish grammar.
 Hours3.0 Credit, 3.0 Lecture, 0.0 Lab
 PrerequisitesSPAN 325; or SPAN 326
 TaughtWinter odd years, Spring Contact Department, Summer even years
 ProgramsContaining SPAN 520
Course Outcomes

Grammar Rules and Problems

The student enrolled in Problems in Spanish Grammar will carefully examine and formulate more accurate and complete rules for several recalcitrant grammar "problems" by reading and studying selections from grammarians and researchers who provide insights into the problem in question. The student's ability to synthesize coherent and meaningful generalizations will be objectively tested by exams and further evaluated while he or she participates in classroom discussion.

Descriptive and Prescriptive Grammars

The student enrolled in Problems in Spanish Grammar will acquire a greater understanding of both descriptive and prescriptive grammars and their function and limitations. The student will also acquire specialized terms employed by grammarians and morphosyntacticians. The student’s ability to understand and use these terms appropriately will also be objectively measured by examination.

Research Paper

Complete a research paper/presentation on a particular grammar point or construction. This assignment will test a student's ability to locate appropriate refereed sources, read and synthesize them and prepare a written document and oral presentation according to a recognized style manual.