Asian Studies: China Studies

Asian Studies: China Studies
Hours50 - 70 Credit Hours
MAPMajor Academic Plan

Program Requirements

Courses cannot be double counted between the different requirement sections in the major.
requirement 2 Complete 1 course
Complete one of the following political science core courses (cannot be double counted as an elective):
requirement 3 Complete 2 courses
History Core Courses:
requirement 4 Complete 1 course
requirement 5 Complete 2 options
Complete the required courses for the Language Certificate in Chinese and take the OPI and WPT assessments. These assessments must be done on the BYU campus, and must be completed before graduation. See for complete details.
requirement 6 Complete 1 option
No more than 2 courses may be selected from any one department.
option 6.1 Complete 6 courses
HIST 343 - (Not currently offered)
JAPAN 345 - (Not currently offered)
Note 1: Poli 348 cannot be double counted with the previous requirement.
Note 2: If approved beforehand, up to 9 hours of credit may be counted for overseas work done under one of the following: Study Abroad, internships, mentored research, or independent field studies.
Program Outcomes

Factual Knowledge

Demonstrate general factual knowledge of the literature, humanities, history, politics, economics, geography, and social conditions of East Asia. The courses that are the foundation for this knowledge are the core coures in the major: Asian 200, Intro to Asin Studies: Methods and Materials; Asin 342, Asian Literary Traditions; History 231, Introduction to East Asian History; IHum 240, Introduction to the Humanities of Asia; and either Poli 348, Government and Politics of Asia or Poli 385, International Relations of Asia.

Language Proficiency

Communicate in Chinese (Mandarine) at the "intermediate" level according to ACTFL proficiency guidelines-i.e. "handle successfully a variety of uncomplicated communicative tasks in straightforward social situations . . . limited to those predictable and concrete exchanges necessary for survival." Comprehend "simple, sentence-length speech . . . in a variety of basic personal and social contexts." Read "short, non-complex texts that convey basic information and deal with basic personal and social topics."

Effective Writing

Demonstrate effective writing skills by completing a research paper on a major East Asian topic.

Research Philosophies and Methodologies

Understanding basic research philosophies and methodologies associated with research in the social science and humanities.