Nutrition Assessment Lab

Nutrition Assessment Lab
Developing skill in anthropometric, biochemical, clinical, and dietary parameters of nutritional assessment.
 Hours0.5 Credit, 0.0 Lecture, 3.0 Lab
 PrerequisitesNDFS 356
 TaughtFall Term 2
 ProgramsContaining NDFS 405
Course Outcomes

Locate, Interpret, Evaluate and Use Professional Literature

Demonstrate the ability to locate, interpret, evaluate and use professional literature in the process of nutritional assessment.

Assessment Procedures

Accurately perform and interpret assessment procedures (the first step in the nutrition care process) to identify nutrition-related problems.

Core Knowledge for the RDN

2017 ACEND Standards

AND Knowledge Requirement/LO

NDFS 405 Course Learning Outcomes

Measured/Met by:

KRDN 1.3

Apply critical thinking skills

Competency Sign-offs, Blood Pressure Certification, Lab Worksheets

KRDN 3.1

Use the Nutrition Care Process to make decisions, identify nutrition-related problems and determine and evaluate nutrition interventions

Competency Sign-off, Lab Worksheets


Safety Principles in Laboratory Procedures

Apply safety principles in laboratory procedures regarding blood-borne pathogens and the disposal of biohazardous waste.