Nutritional Science

Nutritional Science
Hours60 Credit Hours
MAPMajor Academic Plan

Program Requirements

requirement 3 Complete 1 course
Prerequisite to PDBio 305, required below:
requirement 4 Complete 12 courses
(Complete 1 hour of Chem 353.)
Note: Professional schools and graduate programs may require additional courses not required for the major, such as Phscs 106, 107, 108, or Math 119 or 112. Students should contact the program to which they may apply to determine the specific courses required.
Program Outcomes

Nutritional Science Fundamentals

Identify the chemical structure of nutrients, their food sources, functions, and the scientific basis for nutrition requirements and dietary recommendations. Describe the processes of digestion, absorption, transport, and metabolism and the metabolic consequences of nutrient deficiencies, interactions, imbalances and toxicities.

Diet in Health and Disease

Explain the role of dietary choices and interventions for optimizing health and preventing or ameliorating chronic disease and malnutrition.

Nutritional Assessment

Assess nutritional status of individuals or populations.


Search, interpret, and summarize peer-reviewed scientific literature. Evaluate nutritional claims for accuracy. Design research for nutritional science that includes ethical considerations of using human and animal subjects.