Wildlife & Wildlands Conservation

Wildlife & Wildlands Conservation
Hours67 Credit Hours
MAPMajor Academic Plan

Program Requirements

requirement 2 Complete 15.0 hours from the following course(s)
Complete 15 elective credit hours from the following course list. With the help of your advisor, select courses to qualify for 2-3 federal job series (wildlife biologist, ecologist, range conservationist, GIS specialist, soil conservationist, botanist, fisheries biologist):
GEOG 306 - (Not currently offered)
PDBIO 382 - (Not currently offered)
Recommended Complete 10 courses
Recommended courses for preprofessional track. These recommended preprofessional courses can be used to satisfy the elective credits above.
Recommended Complete 1 course
One of the following courses is recommended:
Students interested in GIS applications should consider a minor in geographic information systems (20-23 hours). See the Geography Department for details.
Program Outcomes

Stewardship and Professional Judgement

Identify and articulate principles of stewardship as a basis for professional judgment.

Plant and Wildlife Identification

Identify wildland plants and wildlife species and describe how they function in the environment.

Wildlands Management

Apply knowledge of plant and wildlife ecology to management of wildlands.

Tools, Techniques, and Application

Demonstrate ability to solve ecological and management problems by applying appropriate tools, techniques, analytical thought, and the scientific method.

Conflict Resolution and Multi-disciplinary Teams

Be leaders in conflict resolution and important, contributing members of multi-disciplinary teams.