Corporate Financial Reporting

Corporate Financial Reporting
Analyzing financial accounting and reporting issues used by prospective managers.
 Hours1.5 Credit, 1.5 Lecture, 0.0 Lab
Course Outcomes

Financial Statements

Construct and interpret both a balance sheet and an income statement.

Statement of Cash Flows

Construct and interpret a statement of cash flows.

Applying Financial Accounting Rules

Apply the financial accounting rules that exist in the following areas.

a. Revenue recognition

b. Inventory

c. Compensation (including pensions and options)

d. Long-term assets (including impairment)

e. Bonds

f. Leases (including the financial ratio impact of operating leases)

g. Stockholders’ equity (including accumulated other comprehensive income)

h. Investment securities (including derivatives)

i. Fair value accounting

j. Foreign currency transactions and translation

Time Value of Money

Employ the time value of money in a financial accounting context.

Using Excel Spreadsheets

Construct and use simple Excel spreadsheets in a financial accounting setting.

Solving Problems in a Group Setting.

Discuss accounting issues and solve accounting problems in a time-constrained group setting.

Online Learning Resources

Be able to use online learning resources.

Ethical Problems

Intelligently discuss the ethical dimensions of a variety of accounting-related business problems.

Financial Accounting Internationalization

Track the ongoing internationalization of financial accounting.

Time Management

Independently manage time and workload for a variety of tasks.