Develop leadership ability by identifying and building upon existing strengths. Students focus on maintaining positive professional relationships while motivating high performance of individuals, teams, and organizations. Topics include organizational culture and change, leader communication, and character.
 Hours3.0 Credit, 2.5 Lecture, 0.5 Lab
Course Outcomes

Analyzing and Changing Organizational Culture

Analyze and assess the culture of an organization for the purpose of leading or influencing cultural change.

Fostering Innovation

Foster innovation by generating new ideas and borrowing from other communities of practice.

Developing Professional Relationships

Develop positive professional relationships that help to motivate others and increase their discretionary effort.

Organizational Messages

Introduce and manage organizational messages so that they positively influence people’s perceptions and behavior.

Identify Signature Strengths

Identify signature strengths and competencies, and make them the focus of professional development efforts.

Effective Communication

Communicate effectively, both in speaking and writing.