Adaptive Team Leadership

Adaptive Team Leadership
Adaptive leadership skills; demands of leadership in tactical and garrison situations. Cadets have multiple opportunities to lead one another and receive feedback on leadership abilities. Lab included.
 Hours4.0 Credit, 3.0 Lecture, 3.0 Lab
 ProgramsContaining MIL S 320
Course Outcomes

Willingly subordinates self-interest to the needs of the tea

Outcome 1 – Member of a Team

Willingly subordinates self-interest to the needs of the team

Cadet will have to spend several hours outside of the classroom to ensure that junior Cadets are prepared for leadership labs and various other ROTC functions

CDTs understand that he must put the needs of his Squad/Platoon before the needs of himself/herself to ensure overall mission success

Continued evaluation and feedback during practical exercises in field as well as “garrison operations”

Communicates plans effectively

Outcome 2 – Tactical Problem Solver

Communicates plans effectively

Cadet will be given tactical scenarios in which they will have to develop a plan for their team and communicate that plan to their teammates

CDTs will receive real time feedback on if they had a solid plan and how well others understood that plan during leadership labs

This may lead to expanding either the Operations Order Process or further review of tactics based on the CDTs performance

Understands the roles of officers and NCOs in the Army

Outcome 3 – Understands the roles of officers and NCOs in the Army

Knows enough about the various branches to make an informed decision when selecting one

Each CDT will choose a branch and research, then present a five minute “Military Information Brief” on what they learned about the branch they chose to the other CDTs in the class

CDTs overall understand most Army branches, particularly those that were of initial interest to them

No change

Leads by example

Outcome 4 – Leadership

Leads by example

Will have multiple opportunities to lead junior CDTs as well as peers both during leadership lab and other events

CDT realizes that setting the example in what they do and how they conduct themselves has a larger impact on their ability to lead rather than by simply giving guidance to others

This will be continually reinforced throughout the school year, no change needed

Accepts accountability for self and unit

Outcome 5 – Leadership

Accepts accountability for self and unit

CDT will be given multiple leadership opportunities in which they are responsible not only for their success or failures but those of their team as well

Cadets will take ownership of teams actions, will give praise to their team for mission success but will take ownership of team failures and attempt to correct what when wrong

Place a large emphasis on this during end of semester counseling

Ensures subordinates and unit are prepared for the mission

Outcome 6- Leadership

Ensures subordinates and unit are prepared for the mission

CDT will receive orders concerning upcoming events from higher level leadership and ensure that order is passed down to other team members

CDT will effectively conduct the orders process and brief his team. He will also conduct back briefs and inspections to ensure his/her team members are prepared

Additional one on one counseling as necessary

Coaches subordinates effectively and provides them with usef

Outcome 7- Leadership

Coaches subordinates effectively and provides them with useful feedback

While in leadership roles, CDTs will have multiple opportunities to coach, teach, and mentor junior level CDTs

CDT will conduct after action reviews of leadership labs with team as well as counseling team members on a consistent basis

Committed to physical fitness

Outcome 8- Character

Committed to physical fitness

CDT will take multiple physical fitness tests and conduct other physically demanding events

CDT will understand that physical fitness is more than an event you conduct but a lifestyle change

Additional physical training as necessary

Lives the Army values

Outcome 9- Character

Lives the Army Values

CDT will be continually assessed on living his life in accordance with the Army Values which are: Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity, and Personal Courage

CDT realizes that Army values are not just what is done while on “Army Time” but a code in which you live your life

Additional counseling as needed. Cadet me be removed from the program for “serious” infractions of these values

Demonstrates Self Confidence

Outcome 10- Character

Demonstrates Self Confidence

CDT will have multiple opportunities during leadership labs and class work in which he/she can project self-confidence

CDTs will demonstrate more confidence as the semester goes on and they have an opportunity to be placed in leadership roles in a myriad of different situations

Additional one on one counseling as necessary

Proficient at land navigation

Outcome 11- Individual Proficiency

Proficient at land navigation

CDT will be given multiple opportunities to conduct land navigation at local courses

CDT will demonstrate proficiency at land navigation by the end of the semester in both day and night time conditions

Additional volunteer land navigation courses will be offered that CDTs who are lacking at this skill will be strongly encouraged to attend

Proficient with tactical communications

Outcome 12- Individual Proficiency

Proficient with tactical communications

CDT will communicate via radio to higher level leadership with various military reports in a tactical situation

CDT will follow proper formatting of tactical communications and send reports in a timely manner

Additional one on one instruction will be given as needed