Advanced Stratigraphy

Advanced Stratigraphy
Studying the stratigraphic record through modern methods of correlating stratal packages, emphasizing concepts of sequence and seismic stratigraphy, and utilizing methods of chronostratigraphy, biostratigraphy, lithostratigraphy, and absolute dating. Extended field trip required.
 Hours3.0 Credit, 3.0 Lecture, 0.0 Lab
 PrerequisitesGeol 370 or equivalent.
 RecommendedGeol 480.
 TaughtWinter even years
Course Outcomes

Sequence Stratigraphy

Understand the vocabulary and fundemental concepts of sequence stratigraphy as they apply to outcrop, core, and seismic sections. Understand how the fundementals of these concepts change when working in siliciclastic depositional systems as compared to carbonate depositional systems.

Nature of the Stratigraphic Record

A basic understanding of the stratigraphic record and the stratigraphic methods that researchers use to understand Earth history through strata. These methods include biostratigraphy, lithostratigraphy, magnetostratigraphy, seismic stratigraphy, and sequence/chronostratigraphy. The student should understand the fragmentary nature of the straigraphic record and the importance of recognizing hiatuses and unconformities.

Demonstration and Term Presentation

Students will demonstrate their understanding by working through problems associated with field trips to outcrops and core repositories. A term presentation on the sequence or seismic stratigraphy of a given unit of rock is given to further demonstrate that understanding.