(Phscs-Chem-C S-Geol-Math-MthEd-Stat) Business Career Essentials in Science and Math

(Phscs-Chem-C S-Geol-Math-MthEd-Stat) Business Career Essentials in Science and Math
Introduction for science, math, and statistics majors to careers in industry. Project planning, oral and written business presentations, business accounting, and technology readiness.
 Hours1.5 Credit, 1.5 Lecture, 0.0 Lab
Course Outcomes

Business Skills

Demonstrate knowledge of business skills necessary to function as a scientist working in industry.

Be able to explain how corporate politics can affect your career.

Project Management

Learn the basics of project management and understand why this is important to business success

Effective Communication

Learn how to present concepts and ideas in a clear and effective manner in both oral and written form.

Business Finance

Learn how to read and understand a business financial accounting statement (both internal and external)

Technology Readiness

Understand the different levels of technology readiness and the process of moving a project through these levels to completion

Business Projects and Finances

Learn to read and understand corporate accounting statements and data and understand the basic ideas of project and portfolio management.

Learn the steps to moving an idea from concept to completion in a business setting.

Business Presentations and Writing

Learn the basics of effective business presentations and writing