Student Development

Department of Student Development
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2516 WSC

Student development courses are offered by clinical faculty from the Counseling and Career Center, academic advisors from the University Advisement Center and other areas of campus, as well as by professionals in their respective fields. Courses offered in student development are intended to help BYU students with their educational, career, and personal development. Student Development courses help students:

  1. Adjust to and thrive in the BYU academic and social environment.
  2. Enhance their academic skills including studying, reading, time management, test-taking, and note-taking.
  3. Effectively explore, select, and prepare for majors and careers suited to their interests, values, and plans.
  4. Increase self-awareness and build personal strengths and character.
  5. Develop leadership, interpersonal, and helping skills necessary to effectively serve in the campus and general community.
  6. Make important life decisions.