General Education Program

Undergraduate Education General Education (GE) Program
Department Information
302 MSRB
Advisement Center
2500 WSC

The General Education (GE) components of the University Core are overseen by the Associate Dean of Undergraduate Education—General Education. The Faculty General Education Council (FGEC), consisting of faculty members from a variety of disciplines and chaired by the associate dean, regularly reviews general education courses and has final authority to decide which courses meet GE requirements.

GE requirements are set forth in the University Core section of this catalog. Beyond this, the recommended source of information and advice about GE requirements is the individual college advisement center. The college advisement centers, together with the University Advisement Center (2500 WSC), provide assistance with registration, graduation requirements, policies and procedures, fields of study, changes of major, appeals, and many other aspects of academic life. The General Education Office (302 MSRB) regularly consults with each advisement center on issues related to GE.

In an ongoing effort to strengthen the GE offerings in the University Core, General Education offers matching grants for GE course development and enhancement. General education courses are taught by faculty from throughout the university, and General Education works closely with the colleges in a collaborative effort to foster a strong and engaging GE offering within the University Core.